Best of Show – Laura Seitz

Judged by David Burnett – @davidburnettfoto – Judge’s comments below…

comments from David Burnett – taken from a facebook conversation…

“These are really good”

“These are all pretty damn good”

“Very tough since (Rick Egan’s wild horses feature photo) and (Spenser Heaps’ photo essay) are terrific but I’m going with sports feature- the collapsed high school runner”

“Love the horses, the plane dropping red (Trent’s spot news), even the pictorial”

“My best to all the category winners. Very good stuff”

Sports Action – Trent Nelson, 1st place

Judged by Matt Gade. Judge’s comments are at the bottom of this post.

1st. Trent Nelson
2nd. Leah Hogsten
3rd. Eli Lucero
Honorable Mention. Isaac Hale
Honorable Mention, Jeff Allred

Judge’s Comments

First Place

The uniqueness to a knee to the face is what elevated the first place above the others. While the crop feels a little too square, perhaps a little more room on the sides and come down slightly from the top to just above Gobert’s hair line would balance it a little more.

Second Place

The body language, along with that peak moment of catching a running back in the air while being tackled was great. Also, while the yellow is a bit bothersome, the rest of the background is well compressed and non-distracting for to the subject matter.

Third Place

Third place was a nice peak moment on the catch. A slighter tighter crop, from the right and top could clean up that orange distraction in the corner and just tighten it up a little bit. Just a solid image.


The faces and layering of this image made this image worth recognizing. The lack of a true peak sports actionable moment is why it stayed out of placing, but is still a great photo. Although a crop from the top could help eliminate the orange coolers and from the bottom to just below “Memphis” would help in tightening up the photo and eliminating some unnecessary empty space.


Loved this high school football image. Only unfortunate that the photographer captured the back of the player instead of the front, that makes the difference between an honorable mention and a possible first place winner. The action is great, but lack of faces and the ball hidden on the opposite side of the player is what hurt the photo.


There was a great soccer goal image entered in this category, but unfortunately was clearly sports feature image rather than an action photo and because it was in the wrong category didn’t get recognized when it traditionally would have.